We know that most women would rather spend more money on tops, dresses, pants, shoes, and bags rather than on bras. 

But since you wear it every day, shouldn’t you be willing to spend a little more for quality? 

Wearing the right bra is super important. It gives your boobs much-needed support. And it makes you feel confident and beautiful. 

There are several other reasons why you need to invest in a high-quality bra. 

They will fit better. Making quality bras cost money. That’s why the better ones are more expensive. A lot of hard work and careful designing go into creating a bra. And these usually feature some form of innovative technology that also costs more. This is to ensure that you get the perfect fit -  like it was practically molded on to your body. 

The material feels more comfortable against your skin. Despite the cost of luxury fabrics increasing this past year, the soft, silky feel against your skin is definitely worth it. Why settle for a bra whose fabric is scratchy or irritating, especially since it is something you will be wearing every day?  Indulge in some luxury. Your body will thank you for it.
They will last longer.
 Buying cheap bras will last six months at best,  before the straps start stretching, the hooks start digging into your skin,  and they just really start to fall apart at the seams. On the other hand, even if you buy just a few high-quality bras,  wear them alternately and wash them properly then they will last you years. 

They make your clothes fit better. The proper fitting bra can make you look thinner. And it can give your boobs that much needed a boost. It can also give you a nice looking silhouette. In other words, your bra can make or break your outfit even if no one sees it.   

Buying high-quality bras improve the working conditions of factory workers. If there is a high demand for quality bras then stores will have no choice but to comply. And in doing so they will invest more in their workers by giving better pay and improving their working conditions in order to come up with better products. 

Don’t do your boobs a disservice by forcing them into just any ordinary bra. Your twins deserve much more than that.  After all, in this case, it’s what’s inside that counts… literally!